ICT-ENERGY LETTERS is a newsletter created in order to help the circulation of news and thoughts about micro and nano energies.
But... what are micro and nano energies?
With these terms we intend to address the many different tiny energies present in micro and nanoscale physical systems. The role of micro-energies, indeed is more and more frequently evoked in fields as diverse as nano-electronics, computer science, micro-robotics, wireless telecommunications and it is believed that in general they could play a role in powering the future generations of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices. In this newsletter we would like to discuss about these energies, about their role and potential applications together with the physical foundation of this discipline. This newsletter is open to the contribution of all the interested readers and is specially aimed at reaching those readers involved in industry and innovative SMEs as an humble attempt to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry.
Please feel free to send us your comments and/or contribution for future issues, by addressing a message to: submission@ict-energyletters.eu

ICT-ENERGY Letters acknowledges the financial support of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the ICT theme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission.