ICT-ENERGY LETTERS n. 12 - August 1, 2016

Dear colleague,
I am glad to announce the publication of the new issue of ICT-Energy letters.

As we anticipated in our previous issue, the 2015 ITRS roadmap has been published.
It makes an interesting reading for all those interested in understanding what is the point of view of the semiconductor industry. An industry that has seen its role progressively decrease by the reduction of the number of its members (from 19 in the 90’s to merely 4 today: Intel, TSMC, Samsung and Global Foundries) and, most importantly by the impact of novel devices and services brought in by the Internet. There are a number of interesting messages contained in this document but one seems to have got the attention of the media: “By 2040, computers will need more electricity than the world can generate”, as announces the title of the article by the science journalist Richard Chirgwin on The Register on July 25 2016. So the topic of “how much energy” is required to operate ICT devices and how to decrease it, is still the focus of many discussions. This is also the topic of the E.C. funded initiative ICT-Energy that recently published a new version of the Research Agenda (http://www.ict-energy.eu/sites/ict-energy.eu/files/ICTEnergySRA5.3.pdf). The picture in this page is from this document and presents a bird-eye view of the status of energy consumption in binary switches, made with different technologies.
On Aug. 16-19, in Aalborg, during the international conference “Energy efficiency and sustainability in ICT” two of the most revolutionary solutions in this field (TOLOP and LANDAUER in the figure) will be presented by the people who designed them.

In this special number of ICT-Energy Letters, we publish the proceedings of this conference. (L.G.)

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